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When in business it was:

DoBell Curio
Worlds Largest Dealer in Petrified Wood
Rough and Polished


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Our Slice of

Petrified Forest History

Take the same route to the Petrified Forest National Park that EVERYONE traveled over 80 years ago before Highway 180 was re-routed outside the parks boundaries in 1972.

Experience for yourself the FIRST and OLDEST “Rock-Shops” and Curios for petrified wood collected from land outside of the 1906 designated Petrified Forest National Monument! The monument status was upgraded to National Park status in 1962, and the loss of wood to visitors along “original highway 180” through the parks southern portion led to the re-alignment of Highway 180 to bubble just outside of the parks boundaries, and ending visitor traffic to the original “DoBell Curio”.

While the realignment of Highway 180 bypassed this historical treasure, a portion of the road still remains from the bypass to the original store and homesite of Frank and Edna DoBell, the current day museum of “DoBell Curio” with its store, rock shop and other necessities of life in this area all still preserved and open to the public for free tours into a long since gone era, a chance to step back in time and experience part of park area as you might have decades ago. Grandson Gordon DoBell has faithfully captured and preserved the spirit of his Grandfather’s vision to share with you.

"Grandpa's" DoBell Curio Museum and Store

When it was first established, this little store was the very first of its kind. We have carefully restored it to how it was back in the 1950’s and added some new features of our own you won’t be able to resist, completing the atmosphere of the 1950’s. We are sure to become the most popular stop for all who love to shop for and collect rocks, being visited by rockhounds from the world over.

The Museum tells its own story about the changing times, cultures and inhabitants of the area. Some date back more than 200 million years to the Triassic Era, BEFORE dinosaurs ruled the earth. Their ancestors were living here preparing to give rise to the Dinsosaurs!

We’ve put together one of the most unique collections of Arizona History that you’ll find and you will want to visit again and again.



Where an OLD place has come up with something new designed especially to bring out the “Rockhound” in you!

Come and let us share a bit of real Arizona History about our Family with you!

Visit Us at:

“Grandpa’s” DoBell Curio
Museum and Store

Located adjacent to The Petrified Forest National Park on Old Highway 180, the southern entrance to the park until 1972, and is where “Grandpa” DoBell started the first “Rock Shop” to serve visitors to the area.


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