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Northeastern Arizona

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Route 66

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Historic Route 66

Route 66 means many things to many different people, come to represent and symbolize elements of our culture and a different time and place, one that still echoes and calls us back. Travelling and taking in Route 66 is an experience and it crosses the boudaries of time and space - as we transport ourselves back to a different age, when travel on the highway was an adventure, stops along the way were unique and people were friendly. A simpler time, perhaps, with different stresses on how to survive day to day. Easier? Perhaps, perhaps not. Take a detour and experience Route 66 for yourself, if you haven't already.

Northeastern Arizona's Route 66
From the Arizona-New Mexico state line to Flagstaff, Arizona and beyond, Route 66 has been bypassed by Interstate 40. Most of the route lies parallel to the Interstate, still exists as the Main Streets in Holbrook, Joseph City and Winslow, (as well as many other towns along its entire expanse), and a drive through these towns provide glimpses of how life was on the Mother Road, America's First Mainstreet. Petrified Forest National Park is the only National Park to have a portion of Route 66 within it, and has established a wayside exhibit on Route 66, has additional future plans and also feature the Painted Desert Inn, which is seen in the "Grapes of Wrath".

Holbrook and Winslow's Main Streets still reflect elements of Route 66 and have iconic locations to add to your visit while in our area. From the Historic Courthouse, Wigwams and other sites in Holbrook to the "Here it is" at Jackrabbit, outside of Joseph City, to the La Posada Hotel and the "Standing on a Corner" park in Winslow, these are only the start of your discoveries along our sections of the Historic Highway.

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