Discover Holbrook's Diverse Attractions
Petrified Forest National Park  

Discover Northeastern Arizona's Attractions


Holbrook is the central point for a variety of adventures in Northeastern Arizona. The Petrified Forest National Park, Homolovi Ruins, Window Rock, Canyon de Chelly, Native American Cultures, rich Old West and Pioneer history, scenic vistas, the Mogollon Rim and a diversity of recreational settings are all within easy driving distance of Holbrook.

Begin your adventure by visiting the Navajo County Hisotric Courthouse in downtown Holbrook. Built in 1898, the courthouse serves as an Arizona Office of Tourism endorsed visitor center and as an area museum. The site serves as an excellent source of information about area attractions and the museum includes a walk through the old jail, Native American art displays and a fascinating look at Holbrook's history.

Holbrook is also home to several hsitoric sites and has a true "Wild West" history. A self-guided walking tour map is available at the historic courthouse visitor's center and includes fascinating historical sites such as the Bucket of Blood Saloon and the Blevins House, the site of the famous shootout between Sheriff Commodore Perry Owens and the Blevins gang.



Northeastern Arizona Daytrip Planner
Northeastern Arizona Daytrip Planner

Hashknife Pony Express

Hashknife Pony Express - 49th Annual Ride from Holbrook to Scottsdale Arizona

Navajo County Historic Courthouse Museum and Visitor Center
Navajo County Historic Museum and Visitor Center