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Information for Mailing Pony Express Letters

Letters to be mailed for the Navajo County Hashknife Pony Express ride can be placed in the “Pony Express” container at the Historic Navajo County Courthouse any time during the year. The ride generally takes place the end of January each year.

To mail a letter either buy a “Pony Express Mailer” or provide your own envelope. Address the envelope as with any letter you mail and attach postage stamp. In the bottom left hand corner write “Via Pony Express”. Drop into canister.

To mail a letter from your home:  Address the envelope/envelopes to be sent by Pony Express as you usually do, place appropriate postage on it, write “Via Pony Express” in the bottom left hand corner. Place letter/letters in another envelope. Seal. Address to: Postmaster, Holbrook, AZ 86025 – and mail with appropriate postage by regular mail.

Hashknife Pony Express Riders conducting a mailbag transfer.


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Information for Mailing Pony Express Letters